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Start-up Vegan Textile & Innovations is founded in the search of eco-friendly and non-cruel alternative to Silk like smooth and luxurious textiles.

With the rise of people opting for cruelty free lifestyle and consciousness to environment, motivated us in innovating new blends of plant-based fibers to make it feel & look like luxury textile. Till now the best available alternative to silk comes from Polyester. Polyester is cheap and versatile and for that reason it has become ubiquitous in fashion, but the environmental impacts of polyester are also significant.
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Vegan Textile & Innovations is dedicated to manufacture Silk-like luxury textiles out of plant or agricultural waste, including bananas, regenerated-cotton, eucalyptus, lotus etc.
Our first range of Vegan fabrics are made of organic cotton, regenerated cotton, wood pulp, hemp, linen etc.
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Why Non-Petroleum Silk Alternative


veganism means much more. Vegans do not use any products of animal origin. This means: no leather shoes, nor anything made of wool, silk, fur or down. So why not? And what does a vegan wear instead?

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Vegan Textile
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